An Ultimate Guide To AED Cabinets

By on 1-25-2020 in Business, Health

Our heart is an electrical pump that continues to generate electricity under normal conditions, which the muscle cells need to contract and thus produce heart beat. But sometimes due to electrical stimulation issue no heart beat is created resulting in condition called Sudden Cardiac Arrest. This reduces the supply of blood to the brain and other vital organs, and thereafter victims may die. It has been estimated that even before entering hospital, about 90 per cent of victims die. Yet luckily the use of AED significantly reduces the mortality rate. So, it’s suggested to have it whenever possible.

AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is effective in returning a heart to normal state. It is an electronic device that detects the heart rhythm automatically, and decides whether a shock is required. In other words it helps by discharging the electrical current from the defibrillator to reverse the uncoordinated contraction of the cardiac muscle. This equipment is designed in such a way that it can be used even by a common man. According to the latest reports issued by the American Heart Association, working professionals are more prone to CVD (including SCA) according to need to have AED pads at work. As we know, human resources are the most important asset for any company and the companies can’t even live for a day without them. Therefore, it’s every organization’s moral responsibility to look after the safety of their employees. Click on aed cabinet

Many organizations have taken a step forward and arranged free medical check-ups for their employees to check for any Cardio Vascular Disorder symptoms (including SCA) and also provide their employees with basic AEDs training.

Moreover, government agencies and few other non-governmental organizations also provide Free AED kits at public venues.

AED survival rate enhancer Cardiac arrest happens because the heart muscles fail to function. That includes an electronic heart failure. As medical help (CPR-AED) is required immediately after cardiac arrest unlike in heart attack, it is more serious than heart attack, otherwise the patient will die within 4-6 minutes. AED (Automated External Defibrillator) can be used here for first aid. This sends electrical signal through the heart and makes the heart rhythm return to normal motion. CPR which consists of external cardiac massage and artificial respiration can also be used in SCA. But it only guarantees a survival rate of 1-5 per cent. When AED is used in combination with CPR, however, it can increase the chance of survival of an SCA patient by 75%.

Don’t ignore your health or give top priority to your wellbeing In the age of competition, we’re busy getting good work, beautiful salaries and other comfort accessories. Nevertheless, all in all we ignore a very critical aspect of our life, i.e. Health Our Health.

Certain risks, of course, make us learn new things, but it’s never the health risk because it doesn’t give us second chance. As we know it’s health that affects every aspect of our life. We should give it the highest priority, then. So keeping AED pads at a workplace can fulfill this purpose and help us to avoid the SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest) dangers.